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Către: The president of European Conservatives (ECR Party), Giorgia Meloni

No AUR in ECR! Do not legitimize the attack on the press!

No AUR in ECR! Do not legitimize the attack on the press!

The attention of the Romanian public opinion, and even part of the international public opinion, was focused on the conflict between the anti-vaccine senator Diana Șoșoacă and the Italian journalists from Rai Uno, including Lucia Goracci.

Wanting to interview the main promoters of the idea of ​​anti-COVID non-vaccination, in the context of the low vaccination rate in Romania, journalist Lucia Goracci appeared at the office of Senator Diana Șoșoacă together with her film crew. At one point, the events took another turn, with the senator declaring that she was dissatisfied with the way in which the respective Italian journalists chose to film the reportage. After the Rai Uno journalist asked Diana Sosoaca about the way the pandemic has been managed in Romania and about the conditions in the hospitals, the senator started to yell "What pandemic?!". After that, she allegedly blocked the TV crew in her office and called the police. The scandal culminated with the intervention of the police in Sosoaca’s office. The senator’s husband, Dumitru-Silvestru Şoşoacă is now accused by prosecutors of attacking a police officer amid the conflict with the Italian journalists.

What Romanian Police spokesman Georgian Dragan said on a press conference from Wednesday: "The appellant’s husband allegedly pushed and grabbed a police officer by the neck and also hit the Italian journalist. Immediately after that, after the intervention, the journalists came out on the staircase of the building, and the conflict ended".

After she left the apartment, Lucia Goracci filed a complaint at 4th Police Station in Bucharest against Senator Diana Şoşoacă, claiming that she was sequestered in Sosoaca’s office and that the senator’s husband, Dumitru-Silvestru Şoşoacă, bit her hand.

Watch the videos with the conflict we describe in this letter:

Video 1

Video 2

On the 13th of December, the senator's husband was heard at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 1 Court. Now he is officially accused of attacking a police officer, that he sequestered the Italian journalists from Rai Uno and also that he physically assaulted Lucia Goracci.

In front of the building of Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 1 Court, the anti-vaccine Diana Șoșoacă came with more supporters of his husband. What we want to highlight is that the president of AUR parliamentary party, George Simion, also came there to show his support for Diana Șoșoacă and her husband. The action of George Simion can be interpreted as a pressure on the act of justice. His decision to associate with Diana Sosoaca, in the context of the scandal with the Italian journalists, is difficult to understand, especially in the conditions that his parliamentary group excluded Diana Sosoaca in February 2021. The AUR senator Rodica Boancă also came in the front of the building of Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 1 Court to show her support for Diana Sosoaca husband. The AUR approach in this scandal is unacceptable, being very possible that after the prosecutors finish the investigation, we can conclude that a parliamentary party showed the support for two people who literally attacked the press and sequestered several journalists.

In this regard, we will show you a video that reveals the AUR participation at the manifestation from Monday in front of Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 1 Court.

Watch the video in the first 15 minutes:

As a consequence of what we have presented above, we make an appeal to ECR to not legitimize this kind of actions by accepting the membership of AUR in such a prestigious European political group that really values press freedom.

De ce este important?

It's important to sanction and fight against any threat to the values like the freedom of press and the right of citizens to be informed. In this regard, ECR should not accept the AUR membership in its current form.


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